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MortgageDataWeb100 - Top 100 Lenders
Conventional Purchase-Money and Refinanced Mortgages
Period: January 2008 Through December 2008 Report Date: Friday, December 16, 2011
Rank Lender Name Number Mortgages Total $ Amount($000) Market Share Average Mortgage
1 WELLS FARGO MORTGAGE INC, DES MOINES, IA 364,232 78,786,238 8.23% 216,308
2 BANK OF AMERICA ,CHARLOTTE, NC 360,960 66,137,260 6.91% 183,226
3 JP MORGAN CHASE BANK, EDISON, NJ 309,462 64,488,983 6.74% 208,391
4 COUNTRYWIDE HOME LOANS INC, CALABASAS, CA 267,703 57,775,994 6.04% 215,821
5 CITICORP MORTGAGE, LIC, NY 148,599 30,921,337 3.23% 208,086

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